Boston, MA (July 2, 2020) – Liberty Sports Group (“LSG”), a global sports management and consulting firm, is happy to announce the company’s first promotional campaign as “Changing the game, without changing THE GAME.” This campaign will be adopted and implemented across all LSG affiliates, owned subsidiaries, and partners. 

“The growing theme throughout the sports industry, from the summer collegiate baseball and junior club sports through the Minor Leagues on up to Major League Sports have been to fix or grow their respective sports by adopting and developing new policies, rules and regulations in an effort to make the games more attractive to a fan in 2020,” said LSG Principal, Nick Desrosiers. “At some point, sadly, with all of these rule changes, we will ultimately lose what made each of the respective sports great since the beginning. This is the reason Changing the game, without changing THE GAME will be a core focus of our operating beliefs and practices as an organization. It’s not to change the game itself, but to change how it is delivered and packaged from the operator end, and then how your guests are engaged and consume your products,” he continued. 

Our new campaign is to reimagine the game experience and overall presentation and engagement within a club, league, or venue’s particular market. The way our affiliates and partners deliver their products – from the sport itself, and the associated entertainment to the activation of their venue, it’s the preparation of food, beverage, and hospitality experiences, onto innovative concepts in venue design and management.

LSG operators are excited to roll out this new campaign, and we look forward to seeing it in action shortly. Until then, think about how you can do your part in changing the game, without changing THE GAME.